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The law "Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming" (full text; timeline) of October 1998, actualized in April 1999, allowed for the establishment of "one National Center for the Promotion of Activities to Cope With Global Warming ... whose purpose is to promote activities which contribute to mitigating global warming through such measures as education and dissemination on measures to cope with global warming" [Article 12.1]. Such a National Center was duly established in July 1999, in the form of the Japan Center for Climate Change Actions (JCCCA).

Main Activities
Maintenance of Information Infrastructure: The collection and public dissemination of both national and international information related to global warming and climate change. A central part of this activity consists in the construction and maintenance of a searchable database (currently only in Japanese) of global warming and climate change resources, including for example Internet resources and materials held by the JCCCA.

Promotion of lifestyle reform:
The collection and dissemination of information related to lifestyle reform appropriate to help stop global warming; support for events and symposia aiming at such reform.
Research into methods and technologies apt to help stop global-warming, for application in the public, private and commercial sectors.
Support for Prefectural Centers for Climate-Change Actions: Find a list of these Centers here.
Education and Publicity:
The planning, support, and execution of educative and publicity events relating to climate-change.
Management System
The steering committee, constituted by representatives from citizens groups, industry and government, determines the JCCCA's overall objectives and budget. The management committee, established by the steering committee, determines a more detailed plan and carries it out. Find a detailed list of people here.

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